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Please note that the testimonials you will read below are clients that we have helped with document preparation and organization services ONLY.  We have not represented them in court, nor have we given them legal advice, as we are NOT an Attorneys. 
"I am involved with a complicated and hotly contested probate case involving a large numer of issues which have generated 3 different petitions, each with responses and objections from several parties. After making a decision to become pro per, I had four days before the filing deadline to prepare 4 different documents accompanied by a large number of exhibits. As I live in another county, I needed to find someone who lived near to the court having jurisdiction. I contacted Julia and several others. Julie came across as very professional, but ,at the same time compassionate and interesed in me as a person. She reassured me that we could get everything done and into the court with no problem. With Julie guiding me through the process, we were able to accomplish that goal. Documents were organized and typed with exhibits properly labeled for all 4 petitons. Julia was so knowledgeable of the process that she was able to advise me on other forms I should file such as a disabilty accomodation form, and case management summary. When I needed the legal definition of a word, Julia was ready with Black's Dictionary (a standard in the legal field). She helped me understand judicial procedure which gave me a sense of control over my circumstances.. Murphy's law came into play on the day of the filing deadline. My printer broke, I had to use the libray's computer which kept erasing the e-mails containing signature pages that Julia was sending me, the cashier at the court imput my credit card incorrectly to where it was declined, in the midst of my own business pressures.. After having worked almost 24/7 to get 60 written pages and numerous exhibits ready, I had a major meltdown. Through it all, Julie remained calm, reassuring and got everything filed and all parties served. prior to the judicial clock running out. In the weeks that come, I may decide to file for Summary Judgement. In order to help me, Julia located a good example that I can intelligently copy. For anyone in a pinch (or otherwise) who needs a dedicated, reassuring, efficent, dependable and competent paralegal who can provide legal services in a wide range of areas, I cant recommend Julia enough. Summary Judgement or no, I am glad to know I can depend on Julia for all legal needs I may have in the future."
JG Pacific Palisades, CA (2012)
"Julia's Legal Services provides professional services that allows you to represent yourself efficiently without the cost of an attorney. Her services are quick, educated and experienced. I would highly recommend her to others. Her quick response to my situation stopped harassment and legal action against me. I would definitely use her services again should the need arise. Thank you Julia."
SR San Diego, CA (2011)
"If you're like me and don't have the time or resources to hire an attorney, than Julia is the person you need. She was fast, knowledgeable and affordable in helping me with my law suit. She did for me in one day what I could not do for myself in 3 weeks. She emailed me the proper forms so that I could represent myself to the court in a professional manner. She even helped me fill them out via email since I live 600 miles away."
JB San Francisco, CA (2011)
"Julia helped me immensely! I was overwhelmed with the paperwork for my disability and medi-cal, but Julia came in and did it all that and more. Thank you, Julia!"
BL San Marcos, CA (2011)
"I am very happy with the consult I got. Julia explained everything with much detail. I look forward to working with Julia to get my situation in order. I know she will get me the help that I have been struggling to find. Thanks Julia"
LD Scottsdale, AZ (2011)
"I just recently asked Julia for some assistance with expunging my criminal record and unfortunately due to the time frame since my last conviction she was unable to assist me but she gave me all of the information I needed and was even able to point in the right direction for another legal issue I have. Thank you again."
CE Chicago, IL (2011) 
"I want to share the amazing work Julia has done for me 3 different times. She helped me with my divorce and 2 different child/custody & support cases. All three cases came out positive for me. She has the ability to work on several different kinds of legal issues and she is extremely professional . She is a great person to have on your side and I wouldn’t hire anyone else!!"
DD San Marcos, CA (2011)
"Julia was able to assist me in gaining the custody of my son. I was going through an extremely hard time with his mother to gain visitation etc, but with the assistance of Julia that is all over now and we are able to start all over again. Thank you for your continued support and professional assistance. We will always be thankful."
KR, Phoenix, AZ (2008)
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