Low Cost Notary & Document Preparation Services - Company Message
Price Listings
Please note prices are on a case by case basis. The list below is based on an average cost and could be less or more depending on the length of time I spend on your documents, research, and/or assisting you. Please understand that I do work with my clients, and pricing is something we discuss during our FREE confidential consultations.
For the following types of legal matters prices can range from $50 on up depending on what it is you need to have done:
   Child Support 
   Domestic Relations/Family
Bankruptcy preparation is $200, no LDA, LDP, Paralegal, or Non-attorney can charge you more than this according to the US Bankruptcy Court guidelines.
Typing/Organization Services are $35 per hour. 
Notary Fees - Most are $1 per signature but please refer to 24/7 Notary Services tab for further details
If you do not see a service cost for something you need done we would be more than happy to discuss it with you in detail. 
We are not attorneys therefore we cannot give you legal advice and/or representation in court, and nothing stated here or otherwise can be construed as such