Julia's Legal Services - Low Cost Legal Document Preparation & Organization Services
Price Listings
Please note prices are on a case by case basis. The list below is based on an average cost and could be less or more depending on the length of time I spend on your documents, research, and/or assisting you with your case. Please understand that I do work with my clients, and pricing is something we discuss during our FREE confidential consultations.
For the following types of legal matters prices can range from $50 on up depending on what it is you need to have done:
   Civil Law
   Criminal Law
   Family  Law
   Juvenile Law
   Probate Law
Bankruptcy preparation is $200, no LDA, LDP or Paralegal can charge you more than this according to the US Bankruptcy Court guidelines.
Organization for your case is $35 per hour.  Please note that this does include typing services.
To serve or file your documents it can range from $50 - $75 per occurance depending on the location.
Tutoring/mentoring is $35 per hour
If you do not see a service cost for something you need done we would be more than happy to discuss it with you in detail. 
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