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Domestic Relations Division
We can assist you with the following Domestic Relations Division Matters:
**Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage
**Legal Separation
** Child Custody/Visitation
** Civil Orders of Protection
**Waivers/Deferrals of Court Filing Fees
Below is a list of definitions pertaining to the above mentioned legal matters that we are able to assist with. Most definitions can be found in Black's Law Dictionary. Please understand we are not attorneys therefore we cannot provide you with legal advice and nothing written below can be construed as legal advice.
Domestic/Family Law - The body of law dealing with marriage, divorce, adoption, child custody and support, child abuse and neglect, paternity, juvenile delinquency, and other domestic-relations issues.
Divorce/Dissolution of Marriage - The legal dissolution of a valid marriage by a court such that the parties are no longer husband and wife.
Legal Separation - a judicial decree permitting parties to live apart, usually with cause, without dissolving the legal relationship of husband and wife; remaining technically married.
Child Custody - The care, control, and maintenance of a child awarded by a court to a responsible adult. Custody involves legal custody (decision-making authority) and physical custody (care giving authority) , and an award of custody usually grants both rights.
     a. Joint Custody - an arrangement by which both parents share theresponsibility for and authority over the child at all times, althoughone parent may exercise primary physical custody- can apply to legal custody or physical custody or both.
      b. Legal Custody - As distinct from physical custody, legal custody confers on a parent the authority to make major decisions related to his or her child's life; legal custody can be sole or joint.
     c. Physical Custody - As distinct from legal custody, physical custody refers to where a child lives; a parent with physical custody usually maintains a home for the child and is responsible for the child's day to-day care. Physical custody can be either sole or joint.
     d. Sole Custody - An arrangement by which one parent has full control and sole decision-making responsibilities - to the exclusion of the other parent - on matters such as health, education, religion, and living arrangements - can apply to legal or physical custody or both.
Visitation Order - An order establishing the visiting times for a noncustodial parent with his or her child.  An order establishing the visiting times for a child and a person with a significant relationship to the child.
Protective Order – A court order prohibiting or restricting a party from engaging in conduct (esp. a legal procedure such as discovery) that unduly annoys or burdens the opposing party or third party witness.  
Waiver - The voluntary relinquishment or abandonment - express or implied - or a legal right or advantage.
Defer - To postpone; to delay.
a. Deferred payment - A principal-and-interest payment that is postponed; an installment payment.
If what you are looking for assistance with is not on here please let us know and we will see if we can still assist you.