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Criminal Division
We can assist you with the following Criminal Law Division Legal Matters:
**Seal record
**Expunge requests
**Executive Clemency/Governor’s Pardon
**Waivers/Deferrals of Court Filing Fees
Pease understand that each state has their own set of rules for these and it may not be possible until after a certain time span (statute of limitations) and may not be available depending on your offense.
Below are a list of definitions pertaining to the above mentioned legal matters that we are able to assist with. Most definitions can be found in Black's Law Dictionary. Please understand we are not attorneys therefore we cannot provide you with legal advice and nothing written below can be construed as legal advice.
Seal - To close tightly. To prevent access to (a document, record, etc).
Expunge -To erase or destroy.
    a. Expungement of Record - The removal of a conviction from a person's criminal record.
Executive Clemency -In Illinois, any conviction (including those not eligible for Sealing) may, if pardoned by the Governor, be eligible for Expungement.
Pardon - The act or an instance of officially mullifying punishment or other legal consequences of a crime.  A pardon is usually granted by the chief of a government.
Waiver - The voluntary relinquishment or abandonment - express or implied - or a legal right or advantage.
Defer - To postpone; to delay.
    a. Deferred payment - A principal-and-interest payment that is postponed; an installment payment.
If what you are looking for assistance with is not on here please let us know and we will see if we can still assist you