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Child Support Division
We can assist you with the following Child Support  Matters:
**Child Support order/Enforcement
**Waivers/Deferrals of Court Filing Fees
Below are a list of definitions pertaining to the above mentioned legal matters that we are able to assist with. Most definitions can be found in Black's Law Dictionary. Please understand we are not attorneys therefore we cannot provide you with legal advice and nothing written below can be construed as legal advice.
Child Support - A parent's legal obligation to contribute to the economic maintenance and education of a child until the age of majority, the child's emancipation before reaching majority, or the child's completion of secondary education. The obligation is enforceable both civilly and criminally. In a custody or divorce action, the money legally owed by one parent to the other for the expenses incurred for children of the marriage.
Child Support Enforcement - QDRO "Qualified Domestic Relation Order," Affidavit of Non-Compliance - can be called other names in different States/Counties but basically enforces order of support.
Modifications - A change to something; an alterations. A qualification or limitation of something. The alteration of an existing order based on a change in circumstances.
Waiver - The voluntary relinquishment or abandonment - express or implied - or a legal right or advantage.
Defer - To postpone; to delay.
      a. Deferred payment - A principal-and-interest payment that is postponed; an installment payment.
If what you are looking for assistance with is not on here please let us know and we will see if we can still assist you.