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Bankruptcy Law
We can assist you with the following Bankruptcy Law Legal Matters:
**Bankruptcy Preparation & Organization
**Chapter 7 
**Waivers/Deferrals of Court Filing Fees
You have to file with the US Bankruptcy Court, no Paralegal or LDP
can do that for you.
Below are a list of definitions pertaining to the above mentioned legal matters that we are able to assist with. Most definitions can be found in Black's Law Dictionary. Please understand we are not attorneys therefore we cannot provide you with legal advice and nothing written below can be construed as legal advice.
Bankruptcy - The statutory proceedings usually triggered by insolvency, by which a person is relieved of most debts and undergoes a judicially supervised reorganization or liquidation for the benefit of that person's creditors.
    a. Bankruptcy Court - A US district court that is exclusively
    concerned with administrating bankruptcy proceedings. the
    bankruptcy judges within a given district, considered as making up a
    court that is a subunit of a US district court.
    b. Bankruptcy Trustee - The person appointed by the US Trustee and
    approved by the bankruptcy court to take charge of and administer
    the debtor's estate during bankruptcy proceedings.
    c. Chapter 7 - The chapter of the Bankruptcy Code allowing a trustee
    to collect and liquidate a debtor's property, either voluntarily or by
    court order, to satisfy creditors. An individual debtor who undergoes
    this type of liquidation usually gets a fresh financial start by receiving
    a discharge of all debts.
   Waiver - The voluntary relinquishment or abandonment - express or implied - or a legal right or advantage.
Defer - To postpone; to delay.
    a. Deferred payment - A principal-and-interest payment that is
    postponed; an installment payment.
If what you are looking for assistance with is not on here please let us know and we will see if we can still assist you.
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